Flat / Pitched Skylights

Our best-selling skylight products from our stunning contemporary range are bespoke to your design and all made to measure. Next Windows flat and pitched skylights are all high quality, low-maintenance and always provide exquisite heat insulation, increased natural light in your chosen room and high decibel ratings.

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Features and Benefits

Looking to transform a room into a sleek, modern space with increased natural lighting – a flat or pitched skylight might just be the feature for your room. Giving the specified space an abundant level of natural light in any of the four seasons is not only an attractive feature but can also subsequently reduce the need for artificial lighting. The natural light aesthetic that a flat or pitched skylight gives is one that brightens up a room, being able to enjoy the beautiful view of the sky as well as making your space look larger.

Next Windows Flat and Pitched Skylights also offer you lots of privacy in an age where homes and offices are being built in an even-greater proximity, it has become a challenge to property owners to gain natural light while also preserving the privacy of opposing neighbours.

Security and Efficiency

Security and Efficiency – Flat or pitched skylights do not just have aesthetic benefits, they can also be energy efficient for your property and in time see savings to your utility bills meaning a skylight is a good investment. Due to Next Windows skylights having the option of being double or triple glazed units that are both Argon filled, and soft-coated low-E edged gives each skylight a high energy rating. Moreover, in the winter months when daylight hours are limited, skylights ensure you are making the most of natural lighting as well as when the summer arrives, you may no need to turn on any lights in the room at all.

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