Roof Lantern

A more unique way of getting natural light into your property is investing in a Next Windows Roof Lantern – a chic and contemporary feature to not only add to the homes aesthetic but also improve energy efficiency and potentially adding to the value of the property.

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Features and Benefits

The main property of a Next Windows Roof Lantern is the increased natural light and brighter rooms – consumers are always looking for innovative ways to increase the amount of natural light which enters our homes. Increased light guarantees you’re feeling more positive and productive due to the sun controlling our hormones that govern our bodily functions, lowering our blood pressure and most importantly providing us with the vital vitamin D which is compulsory for our immune system.

Due to the complex design and nature of a Next Windows Roof Lantern, they certainly will add value to your property. The sleek and conventional design will significantly make the room seem more spacious, airier and brighter which are all dream qualities for any buyer. The minimalist appearance of Next Windows Roof Lanterns makes your property look contemporary and modernised, keeping up with the rising trend.

Security and Efficiency

Roof Lanterns are a modern twist on the traditional skylights, offering a peaked source of natural light which not only increases the size of the space visually but also is a great energy saver as well. Adding natural sunlight to space is a money saver as it limits the use of artificial light required but with every Next Windows, Roof Lantern comes to a high thermal efficiency rating which will keep the property warm in the winter and cool in summer – also saving on utility bills as well!

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