Bi-Fold Windows

An uninterrupted aesthetic view out of your property in a contemporary style made from some of the market-leading technology. Bi-fold windows really give you that unrestricted feeling you desire.

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Features and Benefits

Following on from the success seen from bi-fold doors and patio doors, bi-fold windows have the ability to transform almost any room, whether it is contemporary or traditional, Next Windows can supply this modern adaptation for your property and ensure you are receiving them uninterrupted views you desire.

Advantages of Next’s bi-fold windows is mainly the unrestricted views – when fully open or folded, they give you almost a 100% clear opening with a view of your chosen setting. Bi-fold windows are perfect for that perfect panoramic view. Due to the opening to the side, they don’t need much clearance at all to give you that desired aesthetic and the windows folded up can either be internal or external to meet your every need.

Security and Efficiency

Due to their unique design, bi-fold windows allow for maximum light whether open or close due to the nature of the wide opening. Maximum sunlight results in a more attractive window and a brighter property and maximum ventilation gives you that fresh, open plan feel that our previous consumers have desired when purchasing a Next Windows Bi-fold Window.

Some question the weather resistance ability when it comes to bi-fold windows due to their increased functionality however here at Next Windows we promise that our bi-fold windows are fully weatherproof thanks to our double-action bubble gasket ensuring that they are leak-proof with a continuous seal throughout. Aligned with the rest of our product range, our bi-fold windows come with minimum security due to our accolades in the industry as found below.

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