Sliding Sash Windows

Next Windows version of a traditional window type from the late 19th Century becoming more ever-popular due to the modern properties we give our Sliding Sash Windows.

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Features and Benefits

Sliding Sash Windows became popular in European countries in the 13th century however, in this era they were essentially a vertically sliding piece of wood instead of a pane of glass as we are used to today. Nowadays, they are mainly made from two sashes with the bottom sash sliding upwards to create an opening for the room. Previously made from timber, sliding sash windows are still quite a new window system in the uPVC world so being able to have an energy-efficient and secure window but without the upkeep and expense of timber windows has given consumers something to think about when it comes to choosing their windows.

Security and Efficiency

Using Next Windows state of the art fabricating techniques to produce our sliding sash windows compared to a standard casement window differs in both appearance and effect. Sliding Sash windows give another element to any building and really improve and enhance any room. Due to the simple opening system involved in the sliding sash mechanism, you know you are getting a beautifully made feature in your property. Moreover from the sliding mechanism, this gives the windows an added element of security due to the added locking systems.

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